Organize Shelf Space to Create Extra Storage

If you are thinking about buying cupboards to create extra storage space, it’s best to do an audit of the current storage space that exists with your current cupboards.  Reviewing the space that exists with your current cupboards and closets can eliminate the need to rush out to the shops to buy additional cupboards.

Empty Your Cupboards First

If you are thinking about how to organize shelf space in your pantry, firstly empty out all the contents stacked on the shelves.  That way, you can take a good look at what actual cupboard space that you have.  Whilst you are at it, you may else throw out expired food and attend to other declutter kitchen tasks. Try not to overstock your pantry as it will just lead to a clogged up cupboard.

Review Your Existing Cupboard Space

Now, have a look to see whether or not you really need extra shelf space.  Critique your cupboard in terms of what items go where and how they are placed in your larder.

Things to look out for include lots of unused space at the top of the shelves.  If you like to store lots of small bottles, it may be worthwhile considering installing “in between” shelves.  “In between” shelves can be installed mid way between your current shelves.  They are especially useful in creating extra space for small bottles.

Are your Shelves Overstocked?

Half the time, if you are battling with organizing your pantry, it’s because you have too much stored in there and as a result, you can’t seem to find what you are looking for when you need it.

If you think that installing shelves would be a good idea, this is an easy installation that you can do yourself.  All you need to do is to head down to your local hardware store and buy yourself a few pieces of laminated chipboard.

Make sure that you measure up your pantry before you head out the door.  If you have a circular saw handy, then you will be in business to saw your chipboard.  All you need to do will be to saw off the chipboard pieces to fit the dimensions of your pantry.

Installing Extra Shelves in Your Cupboard s

Once you have installed the extra shelves in your pantry, this is an opportune time to organize your pantry.  Because you have thrown away expired food items, you should find that your pantry has ample space.  Organizing food items efficiently can also create extra storage space.

This method can be applied to creating extra storage space for any cupboard in the house.  Just make sure you review carefully what you are using your cupboard for and how best you can utilize the existing space before you start making changes or buying cupboards that you don’t really need.

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