Four Life Saving Decluttering Tips

Here are my four favorite decluttering tips that you can swear by to help keep clutter out of your life.

“Buy One, Throw Away Two”

Do you know of any friends and family who tell you regularly about their latest acquisition from the shopping mall?

You get the feeling they go shopping very frequently, usually with some sort of rationale that a sale was on, and that they just couldn’t resist picking up some great bargains to bring home.

Does this sound familiar?

By the time the year is up,they might easily have purchased a couple of hundred new items for their house.

A good rule to apply is that for at least every two items that you throw away or donate, then, only then, should you even consider buying any new items for your house.

Off course, it might be preferable not to bring home any new stuff at all if you are trying to clear clutter in your home!

Only If You Need It

The “Only If You Need It” rule can come in very handy whenever you go shopping.

When you go shopping, resist the urge to buy on impulse. Let things cool off for a day or even a week, before you make a purchasing decision.

This is especially useful for big ticket items where you could be out of pocket by a few hundred or a few thousand dollars.

If the urge is strong to buy “stuff” from the shops, and you really have a strong desire to purchase the item, then by all means, purchase the item.

Identifying “Needs” vs “Wants

Another good tip to help reduce your consumption of items, and not bring home unnecessary clutter is to assess whether the item is a “need” or “want”.

Most items usually fall in the “want’ category. They are not essential items, but we just like to buy them.

“Need” items are items that are essential in nature. It would be difficult to do without them, as they are a necessary part of our daily lives.

Be Thankful for all Your Current Possessions

Rather than buying more stuff, be thankful for all the possessions that you currently own.

Look around your house. I think you will be surprised how many nice items you own.

Ask yourself whether you need to buy any more items to bring home.

A well organized and home is one that is clutter free.

Strive to take action to declutter a little at a time.

Staying organized is a way of life, and it takes time to develop good habits.

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