Declutter Your Closet – Six Tips from a Declutter Expert

Do you find that every time you open a closet in your house it seems to be jam packed and you can’t fit a thing more? If you find yourself in this situation, it may be time to have a declutter day to reduce clutter in your home. Let’s start with project declutter closet.

Declutter Your Clothes

Start by decluttering the clothes in your closet. This is one of the many culprits of a cluttered home. As you buy clothes each season or over the years, your clothes seem to accumulate at breakneck speed. Before you know it, you have 100 items of clothes, of which you only have 10 favorite clothes items that you wear on a regular basis.

Assess the Storage Space

Firstly, assess your closet to see whether there is adequate space to fit all your clothes. If your house does not have adequate storage for your clothes, then it may be time to buy a new closet organizer system. In most cases, it is more likely that you have adequate storage and too many clothes, rather than the situation of not having enough storage.

Keep or Throw Away

If you need to buy more closets, you will still need to sort through your clothes to find out exactly how much storage you need. So the first step with decluttering your closet is to sort through your clothes to decide what to throw away.

A good rule of thumb is to throw out clothes that you haven’t used in a year. Let’s be honest with ourselves. If we haven’t worn an item of clothes in a year, the chances that we are suddenly going to decide to wear that particular item is pretty low. So let’s do ourselves a favor and throw that item out. Once you get going, you will that you have a nice decent pile of clothes to throw out.

How Often Do you Wear This Item?

If you are having a hard time deciding what to throw out, you may like to throw your clothes out based on other criteria. Some useful criteria include how often you wear that particular item. If you only wear that item occasionally and it is really not your favorite at all, it may be time to throw it out.

Also look at the quality of the clothes item. If it is an el cheapo item, don’t sweat over whether or not to throw it out. It’s really not worth the angst. So just go ahead and throw it out.

Special Items of Clothing

One exception to the “never used in a year so throw out” rule are special items of clothing. By that I mean, categories of clothes which are special like formal dresses and jackets. This could include formal clothing that you wear to attend special events like balls, weddings or christenings. Take care and decide carefully whether you could see yourself wearing that item at the next formal event you are invited to.

Some people like to buy new clothes for these special events, so maybe there is no need to hang on to that jacket that you have had for 10 years. After all, it’s going to look just a tad out of fashion if you wear that 10 year old jacket to that special formal event?

The One Year Rule

So far with our project declutter closet, we should have by now sorted through all our clothes to decide what to throw out and what to keep. Follow the 1 year rule and you won’t go too wrong.

The next thing to attend to is to buy storage if you feel you don’t have adequate storage. But make sure you do this step only after you have sorted through your clothes. You may find yourself saving money because after having thrown out your clothes, you may find that you don’t need as much storage as you thought you might.

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